Anna S. 5.0 star rating 10/4/2016 One of my “go to” pet stores in the area! I love shopping local rather than hitting the big box stores, but at the same time a local store needs to make it worth my while by offering me unique items, or excellent service, or additional convenience. PetSaver manages to hit those! The store is decently sized. I believe they just expanded. I am unsure if they have a public restroom… I have not ever spotted one. They have a private shared lot and there has always been plenty of parking. PetSaver has food, treats, and supplies you can’t find at nearby big box pet stores (which all carry the same things). As a dog owner, quality food is VERY important to me. I love that almost every food they sell here fits into my somewhat high standards. No garbage grocery store dog kibble here! In place of Iams and Science Diet (terrible foods) you’ll find Fromm, Acana, and Annamaet. They also have raw offerings, unique natural treats and chews, toys, supplements, collars, and accessories. Along with dog products they do have a wide selection of cat products, as well as a small selection of bird and small pet items. I would say it is more of a dog and cat owner place, where you might happen to pick up something for a small pet while you are there. My favorite thing about this store is the selection of canned dog foods.  I like to buy my cans in person so that I can get a mix of flavors and brands. In the back they have a small cat adoption center with animals available from Lollypop. I love to see places helping local rescues! I have also seen other rescues there with animals for adoption. Also in the back they have a self serve dog wash area. I am always half tempted to bring my dog… but Artemis doesn’t always care for the company of other dogs. I am a dog person, she is not, but we make it work. It is a pet friendly store, so you can bring your dog with you while you shop. The customer service is typically excellent. I have always been greeted, offered a flyer, and asked if I needed help.thing? They have a rewards program where you can earn points to save money, OR you can donate your points to local rescues. Everyone wins!