Pet Nutrition

Natural Dog and Cat Foods

What you feed your pet is critically important to continuing a long, healthy and happy life. That is why we only recommend natural and holistic foods made from the highest quality ingredients. We offer traditional dry kibble,Baked, Freeze dried and Raw Diets

Any food/products recommended by PetSaver:

  • Will not contain animal or meat by-product
  • Will use high quality protein and meat sources
  • Will not use any Corn, Wheat, or Soy
  • will not use fat from unnamed animals
  • Will not contain artificial colors or preservatives
  • Will contain either whole grains, or no grain at all.


We also have Plenty of Limited Ingredient & Grain Free options for dog or cats with health concerns such as food allergies.

Looking for Vegan, Gluten free or GMO free pet foods? We have plenty of options!

Available Now At PetSaver

Below is a list of all brands PetSaver currently carries. If you don’t see the food you are looking for, give us a call to find out if we can special order it for you!

Did You Know we have a Loyalty Program and you earn points for everything you buy? Including pet food, Some Brands are even double points! Find out more.


Back to Basics*
Blue Buffalo
California Natural*
Chicken soup
Country Naturals
Dave’s Simply the Best
Eagle Pack
First Mate
Hi-Tek Naturals*
Holistic Select
Honest Kitchen
Natural Balance
Natural Planet
Nature’s Variety
Open Farm
Premium Edge
Pure Vita
Rad Cat
Solid Gold
Steve’s Raw
Taste of the Wild
Tender Moist by Wagger’s
Whole Earth Farms
Ziwi Peak

* Recently Discontinued but still available for special order *

Small Animal Diets

Pet$aver carries foods and supplies for many of your small fuzzy critters. Whether it be a rabbit, hamster, gerbil, or any other small animal that has founds way into your heart, we have an appropriate diet for them! Just like our dog and cat foods, Pet$aver only recommends the healthiest of options for your tiny friends. Remember though, not all small animals were created equal and it is important to make sure you have to appropriate diet for your pet. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, our associates will be glad to assist you on your next visit with us.

Bird Seeds and Pellets

Pet$aver carries food and supplies for domestic and wild birds.

For domestic birds, we carry:

  • Kaytee (Greece store only)
  • Sunseed (Greece store only)
  • ZuPreem
  • Tropical Carnival (Brighton store only)

For wild birds, we carry:

  • PetSaver Economy Mix
  • PetSaver Marvelous Mix
  • PetSaver Premium Cornless Mix
  • KayTee Wild Supreme
  • Brown’s “Good, Better, and Best” Blends
  • Black Oiled Sunflower Seeds
  • Niger Seed
  • Cracked Corn
  • Safflower
  • White Millet
  • …and more!