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Great Job Opportunity at PetSaver!

Great Job Opportunity at PetSaver!


We are expanding quickly, and we are hiring for all stores!
Were looking for great people! Do you or someone you know have what it takes to be a part of the PetSaver Team? We are a hard-working bunch of people who have one thing in common:
We love pets and we love helping others do what’s best for their pets!
To work at PetSaver, you must be a people-person: customer service is our number one priority. We provide a great starting wage plus bonus, health insurance options, a retirement plan, and extensive training on pet products and generous employee discounts! We’re always accepting applications, so if you feel like you’d be a fit, please fill out and send us an application today. Please note At this time, we are only employing associates who are over the age of 18.

A Trip to the Self Wash!


Working at the Car Self-Wash yeah! 

After a short drive, we arrived at our favorite pet store, PetSaver Superstore, which just so happens to have great (and newly remodeled) self-wash stations. These self-wash stations have been designed to take the fuss out of giving your pet a bath. Their motto: “You provide the dog, we provide the clean-up” says it all.

Spa Day

The room is brightly lit and contains 4 walk-in tubs (no lifting-big dog owners rejoice). The friendly staff is eager to show you around and walk you through the whole process. They give you plenty of time to complete the bathing processing and show you all of the bathing supplies and grooming products that are at your disposal during a wash!

Petsaver Superstore's self wash stations have everything you need to clean up that dirty dog. A very convenient dog grooming option in Rochester, NYFor the price of $9.99 you get it all: Shampoo, Conditioner, Towels, APRONS (Hallelujah), Grooming Tools, and anything else you might need to help get your pooch clean. Even better, if you are part of their responsible dog owner club, you earn points toward store rewards (Cha-Ching!).

It was all hands on deck, for these two Pups!


Giving the boys a bath at the self service dog grooming stations at PetSaver Superstore!We love that the self-wash unit is in the back of the store, in its own separate room (fewer doggy distractions). We needed all hands on deck for these pups and it was nice to let one sit outside the tub (with his leash on), while we worked on the other together – After all teamwork makes the dream work! Climbing into the tub was easy, even for our sweet senior, Harley. The stairs and tub are covered in a no slip mat, taking away the fear that our sometimes cautious canine has on slippery surfaces. We love that the tub is an easy walk in style with no door, the boys climbed right in. Each tub is equipped with a gentle sprayer hose and an adjustable tethered leash, to make sure your best friend stays safe (and in place).

Wet n’ Wild

After securing the pups, it was time to get wet!

Giving Harley a dog mohawk while reviewing out Organic Oscar dog shampoo

Bathing Charlie with Organic Oscar's all natural, organic dog shampoo

Because of the ingredients, Natural shampoos are not nearly as “sudsy” as what you might be used to, but it easily spread through those golden locks, creating just the right amount of suds to know that you had thoroughly covered an area.We took care to make sure that no soap or water got in their eyes and ears!

Our Golden Retriever Charlie tolerating a dog bath at our local PetSaver Superstore

Though the shampoo & conditioner formulas are gentle, organic, and natural, there is no sacrifice in their cleaning power and both easily tackled the daunting golden task before them: washing all evidence of messy transgressions right down the drain.

Its A Breeze!!

Giving Harley a towel dry at PetSaver Superstore's self wash stations in Rochester, NY.With the pups nice and clean, it was time to be dried. PetSaver provided us with all the towels we needed to start the process. After the towel, it was time for a blow dry! The blow dryers are gentle and not so noisy that it scared the boys….In fact I would say they enjoyed it quite a bit!

Hold up! Be sure to check out all of MyDogLikes Blog! Chop Full of Treat,Toys and Product Reviews, oh and More of these adorable cute goldens! (the best part)

Utilizing the great Dog Grooming Equipment in PetSaver Superstores self wash stations! Here Harley is enjoying the powerful blow dry!

As we worked through those golden locks, we were able to use some of the handy grooming tools to remove and knots or mats that eluded us before. Having everything right there really made it easy!

So Happy,Fresh and So Clean!!

Harley jumped into the dog bath tub while we were giving Charlie a bath!Well the end result was pretty kissable – We had two fluffy, soft, super yummy smelling puppies, ready for extra smooches and cuddles (I just wanted to stick my face in their furry bodies – and yeah, I pretty much did!!).

Why MyDogLikes: PetSaver Self-Wash 

We love taking the boys to the self-wash. For adventurous pups who like to explore and get dirty, its a great option when you don’t want the great outdoors, brought indoors! Not only does the pricing include all of the supplies you need, but you earn points toward free store rewards! The facility is clean, well-kept, and flexible! Best of all, no worries about clogging your pipes with all the loose fur!

Our Golden Retriever enjoying a refreshing dog bath at PetSaver Superstore!

Cute Easter Pet Photos!

Happy Easter Friends! 

Thank you to everyone that brought their furry friends last weekend to our Easter pet photo fundraiser benefiting Rochester Animal Services We raised nearly $400 to help the animals of Rochester!

We are planning more photo events! Join our Halloween & Christmas photo events for updates!

Did you know that by shopping local with PetSaver you are helping support our Shelter Pet Feeding Program! Thats right! Each year PetSaver provides over 8,000 Rochester shelter pets food FREE of charge! We want to take a moment to thank our loyal customers for shopping local with us and helping us make this possible!  

For participants here is the link that was sent out with full resolution images. If you get a request to log in, please click request permission

Enjoy the photos from all the fun spring shenanigans below! 



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Surprising facts behind those pet food ingredients…

Sure, your pets might not be picky. Your dog might even enjoy a delicacy out or your cat’s litter box. But their health depends on what they eat, and knowing a few basic facts can help you make the best picks out of the hundreds of choices of pet food.

Preventing and Treating Dental Disease in Dogs

Preventing and Treating Dental Disease in Dogs

February marks the start of National Dental Health Month – a time to recognize the importance of oral hygiene to your pet’s overall health. Periodontal disease is the #1 health issue plaguing dogs today. It’s estimated that over 80% of adult dogs over age 3 are affected. Dental disease is a common problem that can directly impact your dog’s vital organs like his heart, kidneys, liver and digestive system.

Aside from the fact that a healthy mouth is good for your dog’s overall health, there’s another strong incentive to keep your dog’s mouth healthy – you’ll avoid having to put him through dental cleanings at the vet every year! It’s expensive, risky, and shouldn’t be necessary if you take a few simple steps to keep your dog’s mouth healthy.

Tips to Maintain Your Dog’s Dental Health

#1 Feed a Raw Diet

Feeding a raw diet is the #1 way to ensure dental health for your pet. Natural, raw diets provide the right habitat for your healthy oral microbiome. Natural live enzymes and “good” bacteria can help prevent tartar build up.

#2 Feed Raw Recreational Bones

Regardless of whether you are feeding a raw diet, canned food, or kibble, we recommend giving a raw bone to your dog roughly once a week. Easing into feeding these bones is important to prevent digestive upset, and picking the correct size for your dog is just as important! Raw bones are nature’s toothbrushes, and effectively polish and scrape away tartar as the animal crunches and gnaws.

Gnawing on bones is not only nutritious and good for your dog’s teeth and gums, but also provides hours of enjoyment, exercises your dog’s neck and shoulder muscles as well as his mouth, and even stimulates his neurotransmitters.

#3 Give a Daily Probiotic Supplement

Probiotic supplements can help create a healthy bacterial environment in your dog’s mouth. A 2009 study published in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association found that probiotics were effective in treating and preventing dental disease! You can do this by adding probiotics to your dog’s food daily in the form of fermented vegetables or kefir, or you can give your dog a probiotic supplement.

#4 Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

If your companion eats a well-balanced natural diet all the time, she will likely have strong, clean teeth and gums throughout her life, even without brushing. An occasional brushing is a good idea anyway, even if her teeth and gums appear perfectly healthy.

If your pet does not eat raw foods or bones on a regular basis, plan on brushing at least once a month. If her teeth appear yellow and prone to plaque, then brushing should occur at least once weekly.

Start by choosing a toothpaste and toothbrush designed for use in pets. Begin with brushing the outer surfaces of just one or two teeth per session, concentrating on the upper portions of the teeth along the gumline where tartar typically collects.

#5 Feed Bone Broth

Make bone broth for your dog and feed it several times a week. It’s chock-full of minerals that really help strengthen teeth and gums. Bone broth contains collagen, which is found both in our teeth and connective tissue that keeps teeth in place in the jaw. It’s also vital for improving bone density, which is vital for healthy teeth.


#6 Dental Care Treats

Some of our favorite dental chews at PetSaver reduce oral bacteria by up to 80%, help reduce and prevent plaque and tartar, and freshen your dog’s breath!

Aside from the fact that a healthy mouth is good for your dog’s overall health, there’s another strong incentive to keep your dog’s mouth healthy – you’ll avoid having to put him through dental cleanings at the vet every year! It’s expensive, risky, and shouldn’t be necessary if you take a few simple steps to keep your dog’s mouth healthy.

February is a month where you’re supposed to be thinking about your pet’s dental health. Like us, their smiles need maintenance. Thankfully, we’ve got all sorts of stuff to help at PetSaver!

Verona Street Pet Of The Week

Pet of the Week


Hello friends. My name is Stanley and I am what you call a really great handy dandy dog. Like the tools I am hearty and strong. I walk with a purpose , and that’s to sniff all the great scents, but I don’t pull and am still very attentive to you. I have a feeling when the right one comes along, we will bond very quickly. I’m just that kinda guy. Come on over and let’s see. I’m waiting so patiently for you.

Check out my visit to Mix 100.5 earlier this week!

Upcoming Events

Pet$aver Adoption Event
March 4th, 12-2pm, Webster

Come out and meet some of our adoptable pets on Sunday, March 4th from 12-2pm at the Pet$aver in Webster at 980 Ridge Road.



Pet Portrait Fundraiser
Feb 1st – Feb 28th

Get a great pet portrait and $40 will be donated to help shelter animals find their furever homes. These make great gifts for all the animal lovers in your life.

To place an order or get a quote, visit and to see more of her work, check out her ‘Praise the Sun’ art on Facebook and Instagram.


Rochester Animal Services (RAS) is owned and operated by the City of Rochester, and located at 184 Verona Street (map) just north of Kodak and Frontier Field. For more information on adoptions, spay and neuter, volunteering, or becoming a foster care-giver, contact the Animal Services Center at (585) 428-7274 or visit us online.

The Verona Street Animal Society is a not-for-profit organization that provides resources necessary to enable RAS to more effectively serve the public’s animal care and control, pet sterilization, and pet adoption interests and, in cooperation with the City of Rochester, supports the mission of RAS.
Donations to help our shelter animals are greatly appreciated – donate online today.
P.O. Box 22874
Rochester, NY 14692

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