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Halloween Contest Winners!



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Toby sets our hearts ablaze while putting out fires in his Paw field Fire Chief costume at the Brighton PetSaver! Owner: Karin Wieder

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Riggan the dinosaur brought back Jurassic park to the Webster PetSaver

Owner: Cynthia Fleming

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Trevor as Big Bird, Kendall as Oscar the Grouch, and Robert as Bert from Sesame Street at the Victor PetSaver! Owner: Angel Kearney

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Pasley loved trick or treating today at the Webster Petsaver!

Owner: Jennifer Schimpf


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Puff The Magic Dragon came to visit us today at the Greece PetSaver!

Owner: Tammy !

A Trip to the Self Wash!

A Trip to the Self Wash!


Working at the Car Self-Wash yeah! 

After a short drive, we arrived at our favorite pet store, PetSaver Superstore, which just so happens to have great (and newly remodeled) self-wash stations. These self-wash stations have been designed to take the fuss out of giving your pet a bath. Their motto: “You provide the dog, we provide the clean-up” says it all.

Spa Day

The room is brightly lit and contains 4 walk-in tubs (no lifting-big dog owners rejoice). The friendly staff is eager to show you around and walk you through the whole process. They give you plenty of time to complete the bathing processing and show you all of the bathing supplies and grooming products that are at your disposal during a wash!

Petsaver Superstore's self wash stations have everything you need to clean up that dirty dog. A very convenient dog grooming option in Rochester, NYFor the price of $9.99 you get it all: Shampoo, Conditioner, Towels, APRONS (Hallelujah), Grooming Tools, and anything else you might need to help get your pooch clean. Even better, if you are part of their responsible dog owner club, you earn points toward store rewards (Cha-Ching!).

It was all hands on deck, for these two Pups!


Giving the boys a bath at the self service dog grooming stations at PetSaver Superstore!We love that the self-wash unit is in the back of the store, in its own separate room (fewer doggy distractions). We needed all hands on deck for these pups and it was nice to let one sit outside the tub (with his leash on), while we worked on the other together – After all teamwork makes the dream work! Climbing into the tub was easy, even for our sweet senior, Harley. The stairs and tub are covered in a no slip mat, taking away the fear that our sometimes cautious canine has on slippery surfaces. We love that the tub is an easy walk in style with no door, the boys climbed right in. Each tub is equipped with a gentle sprayer hose and an adjustable tethered leash, to make sure your best friend stays safe (and in place).

Wet n’ Wild

After securing the pups, it was time to get wet!

Giving Harley a dog mohawk while reviewing out Organic Oscar dog shampoo

Bathing Charlie with Organic Oscar's all natural, organic dog shampoo

Because of the ingredients, Natural shampoos are not nearly as “sudsy” as what you might be used to, but it easily spread through those golden locks, creating just the right amount of suds to know that you had thoroughly covered an area.We took care to make sure that no soap or water got in their eyes and ears!

Our Golden Retriever Charlie tolerating a dog bath at our local PetSaver Superstore

Though the shampoo & conditioner formulas are gentle, organic, and natural, there is no sacrifice in their cleaning power and both easily tackled the daunting golden task before them: washing all evidence of messy transgressions right down the drain.

Its A Breeze!!

Giving Harley a towel dry at PetSaver Superstore's self wash stations in Rochester, NY.With the pups nice and clean, it was time to be dried. PetSaver provided us with all the towels we needed to start the process. After the towel, it was time for a blow dry! The blow dryers are gentle and not so noisy that it scared the boys….In fact I would say they enjoyed it quite a bit!

Hold up! Be sure to check out all of MyDogLikes Blog! Chop Full of Treat,Toys and Product Reviews, oh and More of these adorable cute goldens! (the best part)

Utilizing the great Dog Grooming Equipment in PetSaver Superstores self wash stations! Here Harley is enjoying the powerful blow dry!

As we worked through those golden locks, we were able to use some of the handy grooming tools to remove and knots or mats that eluded us before. Having everything right there really made it easy!

So Happy,Fresh and So Clean!!

Harley jumped into the dog bath tub while we were giving Charlie a bath!Well the end result was pretty kissable – We had two fluffy, soft, super yummy smelling puppies, ready for extra smooches and cuddles (I just wanted to stick my face in their furry bodies – and yeah, I pretty much did!!).

Why MyDogLikes: PetSaver Self-Wash 

We love taking the boys to the self-wash. For adventurous pups who like to explore and get dirty, its a great option when you don’t want the great outdoors, brought indoors! Not only does the pricing include all of the supplies you need, but you earn points toward free store rewards! The facility is clean, well-kept, and flexible! Best of all, no worries about clogging your pipes with all the loose fur!

Our Golden Retriever enjoying a refreshing dog bath at PetSaver Superstore!

Raw Pet Food 101

Ask 10 different pet experts, and you may get 10 different answers to that question. But one thing is certain: Dogs and cats are meat eaters, and their digestive systems are designed for raw meat consumption.

The average pet owner doesn’t feed their dog or cat this way, but more and more are. Russ Herman, owner and CEO of PetSaver Healthy Pet Superstore in Rochester, has seen a major trend of pet lovers purchasing and feeding a raw diet to their pets.

“It’s no longer just a fad for many dog and cat owners,” said Herman. “Pet owners are much more intelligent these days as to what is best for their pets.”

Major companies like Nature’s Variety, Answers, Primal, Stella, Chewy’s and others have seen big increases in sales of their frozen and dehydrated raw diets.

Pat Gordon of Brighton has been using raw feed for four years. “I started feeding raw food from PetSaver to my sheltie because my pet was overweight” and had skin problems and issues with other food, Gordon said. “I liked the results and now I feed raw to both of my German Shepherds as well.”

PetSaver sells tons of frozen raw diet each month.

“We keep buying more freezers just to store what we need for our customers,” said Herman, adding that associates at the three local Petsaver locations are trained in the advantages of raw diets. “The market is growing much faster than we expected.”

Many people are also buying dehydrated raw diets because of the ease of feeding. It doesn’t require freezing, and all you have to do is add water to it. Pet owners also feed raw bones to their dogs. Another less expensive option is to feed a regular kibble food with dehydrated raw food added to it.

Why is a raw diet superior to regular kibble food? Mostly because kibble food has very little meat in it.

“Many pet food manufacturers list a meat as the first product in their ingredients list. However, after the food is processed and dehydrated, there is very little meat in the food,” Herman said. “It’s very deceptive, and we steer customers away from those manufacturers.”

And kibble food lacks natural enzymes and good bacteria, which get cooked out of it.

Raw foods must still meet nutritional requirements necessary for good health. Manufacturers add the appropriate vitamins to raw diets to meet these standards. Ultimately, you get a very highly digestible protein in the raw diet and a very low amount of carbohydrates. Carbs have very little value to dogs and cats unless they are very young or a lactating female. Carbs also cause the major obesity problems found in pets today.

Pet owners and veterinarians have said a raw diet improves appetite and digestion, provides relief from certain allergies, helps provide a vibrant skin and coat, stimulates healthy teeth and gums, provides greater stamina and vitality, and encourages a healthy immune system.

Cat owners are getting the message about raw food as well. Cats have even higher protein needs than dogs and are more prone to obesity, urinary tract problems and mouth disease issues. A raw diet can help in those areas.

So why doesn’t everyone use a raw diet? It’s not as convenient for storage and feeding as a dry kibble. A raw diet needs to be handled with care. It’s raw meat, after all, so you must keep dishes and prep areas clean as you would when handling raw meat for your family meal.

Pet owners who do use a raw diet say it’s more than worth it.

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