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Open Farm Dog Food – Feed with a Clear Conscience

There is no denying that high quality protein is the building block of a healthy canine diet.

As a former vegetarian, it has always been hard for me to cope with the fact that despite buying high quality kibble for our dogs, the source of the protein in this food is not selected with the same care as the meat I buy for myself.

The reality is that even when meat is sourced in the USA, the protein in your favorite kibble is likely part of the factory farming system which places company profit over the welfare of animals.  As an animal lover, it is difficult to rationalize advocating for the care of animals while at the same time supporting this industry.

Open Farm Pet Food Logo

This is why we are so excited to tell you about Open Farm Pet Food – a company that is making a huge commitment to changing an industry.

Open Farm Pet Food

Open Farm is a family run company based in Toronto, Canada. Aside from creating some of the healthiest dog food available, the major thing that sets them apart is that all of their ingredients are ethically sourced. This means taking great care and effort to source both humanely raised meat as well as fresh and local vegetables.

Open Farm Dog Food Varieties

The Recipe’s and Ingredients

Open Farm currently offers 3 wholesome recipes – formulated to be interchangeable in a rotational diet:

  • Homestead Turkey & Chicken
  • Catch-of-the-Season Whitefish & Green Lentil
  • Farmer’s Market Pork & Root Vegetable

Open Farm is among the best dry dog food we have ever reviewed.

Each formulation contains roughly 30% protein and 14% fat. Furthermore, you won’t find any “meat meals” in their food which are often unregulated and difficult to trace. Open Farm dog food is also grain free in addition to being free of wheat, corn or soy.

Our Golden Retriever Charlie checking the ingredients

Have a question about an ingredient? Hover over any ingredient on their website and it will tell you exactly why it is there, and the benefits it provides your pet!

Open Farm is some of the Healthiest Dog Food available

Finding What’s Right for You

Since switching to a homemade diet, it is much easier to know where the meat that I feed the boys comes from. While I can scream from the rooftops about the positive changes we have seen in our boys since switching to this diet….

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