DogBlog: New NERF Pet Toy is a Blast!

We are on a mission over at blog MyDogLikes. Well, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Charlie is on a mission. His aim is to test out every single frisbee on the market. While it may seem like a lofty goal, he is determined (and a little obsessed). I have no doubt that he will make it happen!

“New Pet Toy That is a Blast From the Past” by Charlie

I was pretty pumped when I saw that NERF has made its way into our favorite pet store (Petsaver!) NERF made some of my favorite toys growing up. Children of the 90’s (and their parents) will no doubt remember this brand! After a bit of browsing, we decided to try out the NERF TPR flyer. What made this one standout? Well, it seemed extra durable and simply designed! Charlie will put any disc through its paces, exposing and exploiting any weaknesses that might exist. So, in short, the simpler the better! The disc itself has a uniquely cut pattern that not only lends itself to an interesting flight pattern, but makes it easy for Charlie to carry and for us to throw (even after it has been covered in doggie drool)…

Time for Fetch

We brought our new NERF flyer to Charlie’s favorite park to give him a chance to weigh in with his expert opinion. The first thing we noticed is that this disc flies fast and far! If you are looking for a disc to practice catch with your dog, this is not the right one for you. The NERF Flyer is best for long sprints and chases as it moves far too quickly and doesn’t have the hang-time of the lighter frisbee’s on the market.

Long Range

For a dog that loves to run, distance is a very important factor in a frisbee. In a pinch we have used some of my frisbee golf discs to really get Charlie moving. If you are not familiar with this sport, these specialty discs can really fly (we’re talking greater than the distance of a football field)! The problem with them however is……

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